Sunday, 17 January 2010

hi and welcome to my blog, this is mainly for myself so i can see my progress but i do want to share it with the world! I started weight watchers this time in september 15th 2009 after having my 3rd child! Since then i have lost 18lbs and dropped a dress size!!!

Over the xmas period was hard so have re-energised myself for this year 2010. For xmas my husband organised a personal trainer for once a week for 5 weeks so i am hoping this pays off and with some extra exercise and food tracking!

Will keep you posted and will update every tuesday! thanks


  1. Hi
    Good luck with your weight loss and your blog, I started one late last year, if you click on my picture you should be able to see it, I'm enjoying doing it and its helping me with WW.

  2. Brilliant progress so far! I look forward to reading more about your journey soon. x